The company was born in 2006, at one of the hardest moments in global economy. Thanks to the effort and focus of the management team, the loyalty and professional work of our staff and above all, the passion we put into what we do, we have been able to overcome difficult times and have find a way to make our place in the metal industry.

We produce industrial machinery and we install and maintain industrial installations. But we do all this in a different way than other similar companies, because we grow at the same time our clients needs do and we develop our processes and innovation areas because we think that is where our future is.

We use our technological, scientific and technical knowledge in every project, improving our process lines and aiming towards innovation, invention, development and perfection of our techniques, systems and methods. Our objective is to offer the best product or service we can possibly can making sure that our clients are satisfied with our quality and safety standards.


We offer our clients all our ability to develop and transform technological innovation into high quality products and services, thanks to our modern installations and a professional and devoted team. Our objective is to offer efficient and valuable solutions for our clients, so that they cover their needs.

We are a company, but we describe ourselves as a family and we always look for the best efficiency in our products, investing in investigation and innovation, under an environment-friendly philosophy and a safe workspace.


Our passion, our exclusive dedication and our know how are based on our values:


We are honest with our work and our capacities and we try to solve our limitations with our clients help.


We worry about our clients’ problems as if they were ours and we try to offer the best solutions for them with our talent, effort and dedication.


We have the best installations, technical equipment and human resources to ensure the efficacy and efficiency in all our processes.


We investigate, design, produce and install the latest products in our market, thanks to our teamwork.


We always work looking for the highest quality standards under strict security measures and an environment-friendly philosophy.


At DERIMET we have 5,000 square meters dedicated to ensure a fast and immediate service to our clients, thanks to the techniques and the proper know-how so we can offer the best products and create efficient and valuable solutions every time.

The technical office is where everything begins. We have the latest software and hardware to enable our technicians to investigate and develop the best and more detailed engineering possible for the 3D design process.

After this, the project will go into production, where we have the latest generation machinery: drill, bending machine, cutter, roller, welding equipment and oxy cutting, crane bridge, etc. Also we have the best manual tools and instruments available.

We have a modern administration and office space, meeting room and a large parking area for clients and suppliers.


Our goal is to always be on the path to excellence and constant improvement on both a technical and technological level. But we know that we have to have a professional, experienced and capable human team.